Jul 29, 2004

99 (ch1)

“99% of the human race is not worth knowing. Possibly 99.9% ”
I blinked and tried to absorb that.
My new friend was half way through a casual explanation of the disposability of the human race, inexplicably expecting me to find this both reasonable and complimentary.
“So let me get this straight…you think that only .1% of the human race is smart enough and interesting enough to be worthy of attention?”
“you don’t agree?”
Actually that particular thought had never crossed my mind. I had certainly had more than 1 “wow, people are idiots” moments in my life, sometimes I even had them more than once an hour, but I had never dismissed the overwhelming majority in such a fashion.
“what I find most interesting about your assertion is that you think, with those odds, you are likely to be one of the .1%”
He seemed put off by that.
“It seems to be that most people who believe themselves to be unusually extraordinary are automatically putting themselves in with that vast majority you are speaking of…no offense” I wasn’t trying to offend after all “I mean, atleast one person a day amazes me with their stupidity, but I tend to find that most people are about as interesting as I am…but then, I might be one of the 99.9 in your theory”
“No, I didn’t mean that”
“ofcourse you didn’t…you meant we are special…*I* am special, and lucky to have found someone worthy of my special attentions”
“So this is going nowhere huh?” “Nope, I’d try that girl at the other end of the bar…she looks pretty extraordinary.”


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