Jun 28, 2006

good to great

he told he had never had great sex
and I nodded
I mean, you know, in an internet fashion
"I understand"
and then I thought of this other friend of mine, and what she's always saying,
"it can always be better"
"what do you mean"
"well, I mean, he could roll over and say I have tickets to paris, it can always better"
fair enough
but I still didn't understand
the first time I had it I thought it was great
even though a pool cue was at my back and my boyfriend almost accidentally punched me when trying to remove it and his brother knocked on the door and I kept waiting for it not to feel cramped and awkward, it was great
even that time that I was in a car and a cop told me to to stop and there was all this negotiation involving a ticket and a hard time
it was great
it was always greater -and then I'd know this whole new level, and then it was greater
because it was sex

yes, it can be awkward and uncomfortable and bad and worse
it can be unfair and unpleasant
but to me, it was still, always great
I mean, really
sex makes me feel like I should get down on my knees and thank anyone and everyone for letting me have sex
hey gawd, awesome, thanks for the sex
I felt like I should be grateful for every man
every touch
even now, it's like


no really

and to be clear
I'm a girl
even, kinda, a hot girl, so sex isn't the mount everest of social achievements. it's pretty much blink and flash some clevage to achieve horizontal status
but still, it's sex
and I love it, for what it is. another person there
with me
it's good
NO it's great
and sometimes it's greater
it's ecstacy and the quietest quiet and the roofs shaking and suddently earthquakes and famine and floods and my bills become irrelevant and what did I just say
it's sex

you've never had great sex?
you are not trying

sex. is. a gift.

love it like you love life and you'll know what it's like to tune out the pain and the discomfort and the details and the dryness and the oh. excuse.me.is that your.arm and the when? and just love.it.
because it's sex

love it or leave it man
leave it to those of us who know when to recognize a wholly holy deity in our presence and a respite from all that is dirty and deadening from the day


Lola said...

This is an amazing post, amazing because it's TRUE and amazing because it's something almost no one ever says and because we all almost all have these expectations, expectations that are fed by the media and our parents and our educations that are so rarely lived up to, and we start to think that WOW, we must be doing something wrong because HOLY SHIT that didn't totally rock our world, but the bottom line is that it's awesome and we can make it even more awesome by just being grateful and appreciating it and doing it AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN.

hudi said...

okay let's have sex