Jul 14, 2004

and then there were two...

There was a time when I would have claimed that blogs were the most masturbatory and self-congratulatory activity since reality TV.
Or maybe they came first.
No matter. I now have two blogs or livejournals.
It seems I am becoming a chronic masturbator.
At any rate, welcome, and ideally this blog will at some point define itself from my livejournal by subject matter or contact or something.
We’ll see.

Or it’ll just become another ego massage in which I simulcast my dirty laundry.
Either way, stick around.
Only one way to tell.


Bjetsey said...

do you want to be shocked? The word Blog was coined by none other than PETER MERHOLZ. Sean told me that. there used to be a link on Peter's homepage, but it seems to have changed (peterme.com)

daff0dil said...

I've heard that but I think it's urban myth that has somehow credited him with this feat
I seem to recall him commenting on this and claiming he was just one of the first to use it

but I could be wrong, I often am

Bjetsey said...

ah, well he was actively taking credit on his website, crowing about how he made it up. I read it a few months ago. His website seems to have changed significantly since then.

Matthew Phelps said...

I think that Peter coined the term Blog.