Jul 21, 2004


I don’t corner well.
That is, I am clumsy…I brush into things, stumble over things, have trouble coordinating my feet and my hands, and occasionally collide head on with a completely solid object when moving at a pace easily slow enough to avoid it. Mostly I just whack my shoulders on things…forget to take a corner with a wide enough radius to avoid the object in question.
I mean, I’m not a complete mess, and possess enough grace to walk in a straight line and I’m incredibly flexible-these attributes allow me to not completely resent this physical form I inhabit and get by during certain “sports” or activities.
But still, sometimes I I’m a human pinball and I am unsure of what to do about it.
If you see this happen really the best thing to do is to pretend you didn’t. Or just laugh, because you know you want to, and I’ll feel better if I know that I’ve atleast provided some amusement for your day.

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