Aug 12, 2004

denial is not just a river in egypt

Apparently Cheney’s wife had the following response to Kerry's comment that we need to form allies and fight a “more sensitive war” on terrorism:
“She went on to say Kerry's comment was an expression of an 'extreme left' idea that Americans bear responsibility for the terrorism now threatening them.”
First of all, not even in my wildest of dreams have I dared to imagine someone from the “extreme left” as the nominated democratic candidate…
And maybe it is because I am part of the "extreme left" that I am left to ponder:
When these people go to sleep at night do they truly, deeply believe that America is infallible? That their actions in the rest of the world are wholly unrelated to the terrorist attacks we have witnessed. Do they honest perceive that these are just evil people, jealously killing innocent people in America out of spite and greed?
I can’t imagine that. Perhaps this lack of responsibility she speaks of is a more holistic selfishness. We Americans needn’t feel responsible for those we harm. In the end, strength is it’s own reward and the weak just better back off and take it like they got it. We aren't responsible for anything unless you can provie it in court.

Or maybe they just think we are that desperately naive and stupid.

But somehow, none of these possibilities are the least bit comforting to me.

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