Oct 1, 2004

politics and so forth


Watched the debates last night with a beer in hand. Always a good tactic as it is focus those desires to hurl pieces of anything at the screen every time bush finds a new way to say flip flop.

According to polls most people believed Kerry won the debate. This is a good good thing. The more important question is: was he presidential enough? Because it is not an effort ot look smarter than Bush, or more savvy. It just might be an effort for him to sell the notion of Kerry as Comander in Chief.
I found it interesting how he made a point of referring to himself as "this president."
People are creatures of habit. Change is scary. In order to become president one must make lack of change scarier than change, and be just as easily visualizable in office as the current occupant.


Bjetsey said...

the online polls are definitely biased. Moveon and the DNC sent lots of emails out telling us to vote in the polls (with links!) and write letters to eds, and post on boards. For example, I didn't watch a lick of the debates (nor listen on the radio), but I voted in every single poll I could find. So, I dunno what it means.

daff0dil said...

kinda weird
I mean, sure, you can lie on a poll (say you watched) and it'll be innaccurate
the question, is: does theother side do this as well
and does it do the democrats a service or disservice ot believe they are kickin' ass in the debates when they arent (if they aren't)