Jan 23, 2005

more on fate's sense of humour

So, I went last weekend to “get away” at Breitenbush.
So there I am.
In hot springs. Meaning: naked. When I look up to see one of the few men I have dated in Portland climbing into the same pool. Now, we had shared a pool with maybe 4 people in 3 days and 2 of them were a man I have already SEEN naked and his girlfriend. And what is the thing to do in that circumstance? Call out his name and say hi? Pretend you don’t see him?
Fully clothed and walking down the street I would have been more than happy to say hi. In fact, when I had run into this man once in the past, we had a very friendly hello, hug and a quick catch-up. But again, we were in our clothing. Even hats and gloves I think. So we did what good naked ex-lovers would do in such circumstance and avoided eye-contact.
Now, discounting the obvious awkward social propriety issues I have to admit I was charmed by this little coincidence. I think there was a time when the ongoing strangeness of coincidences in my life, such foiling of the desire to create a separate space from my past and present, irked me, but this time it was oddly comforting. It’s a reminder that there is no “away”, no segmentation or removal. Life goes on and you integrate past and present, process the future with the past, reevaluate context in different environments, and attempt to enjoy, with a modicum of grace, life’s sense of humour and the continually unfolding drama.

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