Jan 5, 2005

ummm, no

So, when looking through the weekly today, I stumbled upon an adverstisement for an event at Powell’s: “the story behind the da vinci code”. Apparently a woman has done research regarding the history associated with the book and will be presenting the real truth next Tuesday.

My first reaction was, admittedly excitement. But, as I found myself looking for the date and time and thinking about whether I wanted to trek out to beaverton, I realized that I definitively did not want to go to this event.

At first I thought this was some sort of geek shame, something in me that did not want to fully associate with people who were such fans of the book.

Then I realized it was that I did not want to KNOW the truth behind the story. That I didn’t think I needed to know much more than what the story told me when I read it.

Scifi, to me, is allegory and metaphor…it's fantasy. And sure, I am curious to understand the point and motivation behind the creation of a good sci-fi book or movie at times. Context of the climate that created this allegory, even, can be incredibly illucidating. I mean, I get curious.... I even went to the sci-fi museum in seattle. It was an interesting experience that mostly inspired me to go out and read more science fiction, though, not to research whaat I have already read.

This must be why I was such a bad english major.

See, I don’t need to know the real truth. I quite simply do not consider this the point of fiction, and frankly the yearning to continue engaging on such a deep level, to keep seeking out obsessively even the most minute details of a fantasy book or movie usually eludes me. So I guess this is me, relinquishing my geek credentials.

How do you say "who cares" in klingon, again?

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