Mar 29, 2005

So apparently Americans are too sleepy for sex.

Thats nice

A recent poll showed that something around 30% of people who have sleep
issues (roughly 75% of Americans) would rather sleep than fuck. Or
rather, they are so damn tired that they aren't interested in sex most of
the time.

"More than a third of people who described themselves as poor sleepers
said their intimate relationships were affected because they are too
sleepy, compared to 8 percent of good sleepers"

Well, yeah...

I mean, despite varying opinions, I do not believe that sex is the
center of the universe. I do not believe it should always be the first
thing that defines a realtionship or the point of intimacy. But I do think
it's a necessary bonding activity, an important stress reliever and
just pretty darn fun. And it inspires and is often analagous with our
zest for life.

And more, I wonder: If a whole lotta people are are so overworked and
tired and dysfunctional in their sleep patterns that they can't even
feel the urge to do something that feels good, how do they find the energy
to do the boring or uncomfortable things they need to do?

In the end, though, it strikes me as just another sign that we are
perpetuating an unpleasant and unhealthy lifestyle around these parts. We
can't sleep well, we obviously don't eat well (or eat too well) and now
we don't have sex.

Whats next?


Angry Hickeys said...

at least sleepysex is on the rise...

michael henry said...

I saw a movie years ago, the theatre played music before the film started. That was the first time I heard the song "Enjoy yourself, its later than you think....."
Pretty true though, whats the point of working so hard you you can't be bothered fucking.
Especially if you're over-working just to buy crap you don't really need or is just a newer version of crap you already have.

daff0dil said...

you just brought back memories of my blasting the 1950 big band version of that song from my room in college

yes, if there is something in your life making you too tired to enjoy it, and it's not a man with a big pitchfork or the like, then maybe it's best you stop and take note, no?

Bjetsey said...

wellllllllllllll, I mean, c'mon that may be true for upper middle class & above folks, but doncha think that most of these people who are too tired for sex are probably the same people who have to work long hours to make ends meet? I see it as a political/social problem, not a personal-choice problem. Last December I was so busy, running around every single day, that I couldn't really take care of myself. I couldn't even figure out to do anything for myself when I didn't even have enough time to sleep. I asked someone with more life under her belt than me how people with 2 jobs and 3 kids do it (like she had) and she said, "you do what you have to do."

daff0dil said...

this is the saddest one of all
people who have the luxury of structuring their lives to include pleasure need take the lion share of the blame
but those stuck maintaining while they lose the zest for things that satisfy the most are the real travesty.
Dude, back in shakespeares day there were lucy peasants, no?
It seems like proverty and stress has taken a new turn if this is the state of things

Bjetsey said...

well, back in shakespeare's books there were lusty peasants...but, you've heard people talk about the mythical welfare mother who keeps having kids to stay on welfare? I think the lusty peasant is the romantic version.

Anonymous said...

Sex while sleepy is always easy and fun. Creative, inspired, get-my-partner-in-the-mood sex can be, on the otherhand, a little difficult when dealing with fatigue and/or exhaustion.