Apr 12, 2005


what is it about buying large or significant items that gives one that rush of euphoria and sense of accomplishment?
I just, on a whim, on my way back from lunch, with my friend's urgings, bought an ipod mini at the campus computer store.
I got the same rush I got from paying my insurance upfront for six months or purchasing my bike
And somehow, the more efficiently and randomly I do it, the better the rush is
I can't explain it..it's like I "took care of that need" and now I'm just that bit more settled

boy, I'm suddenly having fight club deja vu

yes, folks, I'v crossed that ipod off my list
thats one ipod I'll never have to buy again


Angry Hickeys said...

im envious - i too get that high- last a day or so then i crash hard with the post-consumer blues.

Someday ill get the right gadget and be a really happy boy for good.

How is that new ipod working out? My mp3 player software will not recognize the titles and artists of my music from cd so i've had to input all this info by hand - a daunting task when the CD collection runs to the hundreds.

Still - I LOVE the shuffle function...

daff0dil said...

hmm, well, I think I have a pretty short want list, so my post consumer blues tends to be kept to a minimum
it also helps that I tend to like to think about money as little as possible: unless it's money I desperately need and don't have I seldom think about money gone
but I do still get to think about my new toy...yay!

the ipod is pretty nice, an awesome little compact piece of machinery, still loading stuff onto it, so it's hard to tell

it definitely recognizes the song titles and artists though