Apr 7, 2005

something about friends

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so, i made a comment to someone once that i suspect that my closest friendships were forged in sharing not my most significant and meaningful moments, but rather my. my most predictable or typical or silly and generally absurd talents and experiences.

in no way is this meant to denigrate any of my friends talents or imply that close friends will not or should not appreciate your unique gifts, or that close friends do not and should not share life's meaningful moments.

indeed, friends should inspire each other and provide valuable feedback when needed (and know when not to not provide it as well)
and yes, they should share in the great happy moments as well as the terrible tragedies

but when you think about it, life is not mostly comprised of these moments. most of our moments are routine, absurd in the their repetitive nature, tiring at times, insignificant or mildly amusing. it seems to me that it's the true friends that can spend these times with you and make the everyday moments more enjoyable and meaningful and amusing and comforting, so that the general tenor of life is jumped up a notch

it's the friend you can both hike across the planet with, share your wedding with AND do little to nothing with and still be happy

because, hell, most people will be happy to be there with you and for me when we are rocking it, hero style
and some people are even especially good at the tragedies...you know, those foul weather friends that are at their best when you are at your worst...

but i suspect friendships are mostly solidified over a shared cup of coffee or an afternoon of sitting about, reading magazines or giggling over the latest embarassement or just strolling through the neighborhood

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