Apr 23, 2005

what biological creatures we are

8am: eat breakfast of oatmeal, almonds
1:30pm: run 4 miles
2:30pm: eat lunch composed of pizza with cheese ripped off, one slice
6:30pm: have sudden drop in mood and "inexplicable emotional breakdown"
6:45pm: eat banan
6:50pm: mood lifts dramatically, everything fine

as I get older you'd think I'd get more in touch with my body, or atleast the notion that sudden drops in my blood sugar can really FUCK MY SHIT UP

nope, much like PMS comes as a complete shock every single month, sometimes I forget that not eating, eating too much sugar, or drinking too much (beer) can have the effect of a mild narcotic on me, or a severe depressant

so, in the vein of New Years resolutions not kept, I've decided to make a passover resolution, timely in a holiday that uses food as an illustrative measure to symbolize faith and perserverence as a way to overcome odds. This resolution is to make a mental checkpoint when I have irrational or bizaree emotional reactions and ask myself "daff, was it SOMETHING YOU ATE?
and, to extrapolate further, to get in touch with the biorhythms of my physical self as an ode to the fact that as humans we are heavily tactile creatures, and our bodies are gifts of sensation, not shells we knock inside, waiting for release.

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