Apr 15, 2005


time and memory have such an odd relationship

no matter how much you'd like the play with the fingers of your memory, they can still play you, or rather play in the background like final strains of a song that just keeps fading slowly out so that even silence sounds like the the whisps of the melody
sometimes I have these dreams, these crazy dreams that put me back when I was five, ten or even yesterday
it's not such a big thing, but it seems easier to not remember how it felt to be so green, or to have certian people in my life, certain assets at my disposal, though the actual details remain accessible in waking thought

mostly, though, memory can just be exhausting. when you think about how far you've come, how many emotions you've overturned, how many people you've affacted, how much joy and excitement and anguish makes you who you are today, thinking about remembering a current moment as formative or NOT remembering can be an ovrwhelming notion

think about it
think about how you feel right now
now thats a memory

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Bjetsey said...

yep, the illusive Now - the swinging screen door between the past and the future. love it.