May 28, 2005

homework assignment number 2

homework assignment #2

last week I issued a homework assigment to the readers of this blog, requesting an email with happy tidings

this week I issue assignment number 2

sit down, and think about this: you only get to spend time with 1 person for the rest of 2005
whose it gonna be?

a couple of rules:
it can't be your parents (to alleviate the guilt and so forth)
and if you are partnered/married/coupled off you can pick two more people thank your partner(assuming you picked your partner, jeez)

now add two more, despite your relationship status (for those not following thats 3 for the single, 5 for the taken)

and yes, sorry for the difference, but it's not being in love makes you more deserving, it's just the the way we appreciate those outside our serious monogamous relationships tends to be different and requires some concessions to make my point

and just what is my point? well, you'll see after the next assignment

in the meanwhile, think about how you chose who you chose, and how they make you feel, and think about why you chose who you chose, and why they make you feel that way

and, ya know, maybe do something nice for them
even it's just calling them to say thank you


heydt said...

Well, i'd choose angelina, pandora, J2k... but all those people are married or otherwise attached. So revised edition, ngl, patrick... and leave it at that. I can't add anyone else without leaving someone important out. Thus we weave tangled webs of interpersonal relationships.

Bjetsey said...

I, of course, need clarification. This isn't like a desert island kind of thing, right?

daff0dil said...

kind of like a desert island kind of thing
I mean, it could be a compound, it could be the island of your dreams

I mean, we aren't talking about choosing people for their utility of anything though, so you can imagine it a dessert island with a stocked fridge, ya know?

I want you to think about who it is that you would want to be able to interact with, grow with, or learn from
or even fight with

I bet some people would choose a great enemy or the competition, because of what they get out of the relationship
maybe you'd choose someone famous
I don't care...just think about who and then why

Anonymous said...

If I could only be with one, I know whom I'd choose, but as soon as I had to add those next two, I would have to undo my choice of #1 because that one is only valid in the special case that there is nobody else around.

So let's just throw out my #1 then and just pick three other people. I think I might then have to choose a woman with whom I once had really real wild sex, and the other two would be an established couple such that neither would be a threat to my affairs with the aforementioned woman.

But that might be missing the point as well. If I remove the sex part of it, I'll have to think some more before choosing . . .

Bjetsey said...

Ok, thanks for clarifying for me. I asked about the desert island thing not for utility, but to see if it was an isolation thing.
So,#1 would be Dan. and beyond that I draw a blank. I wouldn't pick all people that I like only, because then Dan'd be bored. I guess I'd pick two couples for the other slots, because then everyone would have someone there as their primary entertainer/confident etc.

daff0dil said...

hmm, well, I'm temped to clarify more or correct, but I've realized that each person's differing way of interpretting the question, and how much they take into account their desires (vs. other people's needs/feelings) and which desires they prioritize and so forth is kind of creating new questions/answering other ones

Dave said...

Easy, I’d pick my lovely wife Heather and, in no particular order,

Elvis Presley,
Jesus Christ,
Martin Luther King,
Mahatma Gandhi and
Adolph Hitler.

Why those five?
Because they are all dead.

And dead people don’t blah blah blah all the time or try to hork my coconuts.

Bjetsey said...

I thought you liked it when we horked your coconuts...harumph.