Jun 12, 2005

I'm a real live girl

but this seems to be in dispute

I'm even a girly girly
-I get pedicures
-I go to all girl bonding sessions, even weekend long ones
-I go to naked lady parties
-I like to bake
-I like to take care of people (really...make them coffee, rub their shoulders, let them talk about their feelings as they cry like a sissy on my shoulder. I love it)
-I like ot be taken care of. You build the fire. YOU handle the money. YOU make the decision. It's fine with me, really.
-I squeal when I see puppies and try to pet each and every one of them
-I've seen every sex and the city and buffy the vampire slayer
-I don't know how to fix ANYTHING on my car. ANYTHING
-I blush and will do what you want if you tell me I'm pretty
-I don't have any idea about any winning team on any sport other than soccer
-I wave at babies and small children
-Only today did I learn that you need to turn one car off to jump another car
-"NO, really, you first, it's ok"
-I am currently wearing pink

ways in which I am not a girly girl:
-I freak out in stores when shopping. Really. Nordstroms turns me in a right bitch and if you take one more second comparing those two pairs of Jeans or reading that label I might sock you.
-I've hit people. And knocked them out.
-I've fired a gun (but I didn't like it, so that might go in the former catagory)
-I have great spacial relation visibility and I am good with numbers
-I take 15 minutes to get ready from when I arise. And that leaves me time to make coffee, often
-I hate manufactured scents and haven't owned any makeup in five years
-I can barely walk on high heels and don't understand why women insist on wearing "those things" in public

see, wasn't particpating in those needless stereotypes fun?

Now you: what ridiculous pigeonholes do you enjoy the claustrophobic coziness of?

1 comment:

Dave said...

You’re pretty.

If you could turn both cars on why would either need a jump?

Anyway, I’ll play.

I’m a manly man because:

I’m the decision guy. I’ll only ask “Where do you want to go?” once. After that the ball is mine. Sometimes, I don’t even ask.

I am secure enough in my masculinity to go out like this:

Any stupid challenge you throw at me becomes my irresistible mission in life.

While I can’t fix everything, I can fix most things and will try to fix things even if I can’t.

I have a regular poker game.

I don’t clean up after myself.

Without my wife looking after my appearance I would soon devolve into something that looks like a balding hippy pirate.

I make Spock seem emotionally accessible.

I’m ultra cool in a crisis.

Ways in which I am not a manly man:

I get really uncomfortable in strip clubs.

Watching sports is boring.

I will ask for directions before I die of starvation.

I can cook without a recipe.