Jun 29, 2005

the newest room in the house

I've decided to spend as much time as possible on my west facing porch this summer.
I suspected this might be the appropriate course of action after pulling the futon out there, and discovering how comfortable it was to sit on it..to pass the time reading and sipping coctails, or napping in the afternoon sun.
But I did not have the creativity, the vision, shall we say, to pull my TV out and turn it into the home equivelent of a drive-in theater, until a friend suggested it. With the futon released into bed format, and the TV wedged into the corner, one can lay several people down and allow them to watch the movie as darkness falls.
And because the Porch is completely covered and surrounded by pillars it is almost impermeable to wind or rain.
Which means: if one wishes to relax after a rough evening of movie watching, curling up on the futon gives the sensation of being in an outdoor bedroom.
No reason to move for hours save for beer runs and movie retrievals.
But then, I have netflix for THAT.


Dave said...

Welcome to the 1890's

daff0dil said...

really, they had outside TVs and netflix in the 1890s?
and here I pictured it more of a lemonade and cribbage scene

Larry Forney said...

Oh my god, that sounds like sheer fucking heaven, fuck.