Jun 20, 2005

Why Portland Rocks (or, my exciting day)

So, every once in a while people act shocked that I don't want to return to the bay area, or make fun of the weather, or the provincial qualities that make Portland less urban than many of it's peers,citywise.
This weekend was a gorgeous reminder of why Portland, indeed, rocks.
You can, in one day, driving less than 15 miles total:
Grab a friend and stroll to a super tasty breakfast that consists collectively of homemade cornbread, mixed potato latkes, basil and portobella scramble, maple molasses bread and organic bacon and avocado.
Then,go on a 7 mile hike that feels like it is miles out of a city when it is, in fact, in an enormous state park in city limits.
Emerge from what feels like wilderness into a tourist destination with a panoramic view of the area, which includes a volcano:
mt st helens on a clear day
Finish up the hike and head to a beer garden for onsite brewed beer and sausage.
Then head to a friend's pool, to soak up the sun and beer
sun struck
until an 8pm thunderstorm hits and leaves a rainbow in it's midst...
after the storm

And even then you can go to one of the best video stores I have ever seen and wander the isles overwhelmed by the choices.
All this without rushing, without waking up before ten, whilst taking the time to run some errands on your bike, and without spending more $15 dollars total.


heydt said...

Damnit, i knew there was something i was forgetting. Yes indeed, that was a very cool thunderstorm.

daff0dil said...

are you in Portland?

heydt said...

I was, over the weekend. My grandmother lives in Beaverton, or rather, is in the process of dying in Beaverton, so my dad and I were up there from saturday till tuesday.