Sep 15, 2005


sometimes it's very important to feel like a badass
not smart, or nice, or like a good person, or at peace with the world, but like a full throttle, watch my dust, smokin hot and completely above it badass
I have my moments, we all do.
everyone has something that makes them feel like they sizzle
as I get older the most unexpected moments make me feel like hot shit, and the weirdest things give my ego a big push
and sometimes I need to make these moments, take them by force
Last night, after attempting to sleep for way too long, I suited up in my bright red cut off coveralls and knee high boots, jumped on my bike around midnight, and biked to the top of mountain tabor, met a strange girl up there, then bombed the hill with her
and yes, this made me feel like a bad ass

now this isn't something that a great many much more badass people in Portland don't do on a regular basis, but that is irrelevant
it felt good, it felt like a rush, and whizzing my people like a big red blurry fucked up superhero made me just feel awesome
sometimes I need to do something serious to..rekindle the love affair, if you will
sometimes I just need to put on the right outfit, or, you know, wink at the right person

seriously, though, I think it's important to seek these moments out so you can remind yourself, and others, to have a little deference to the rockstar that lives in harmony with all the kind, intelligent and conscientious things that are YOU


Bjetsey said...

good for you. that fits right in with my "funky 1/2 year" declaration too. And also with the fact that I am retaking up skateboarding - starting yesterday. I got so many looks - since I didn't dress the part and was adjusting my investment options at the bank. haha.

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience. I tried a nollie heelflip pop-shove-it off the teller window, and one of the personal finance agents glared at me and said "dude, you gotta approach with your front foot closer to the center of your board."

Bjetsey said...

yes, I was trying and trying to get enough air to do a christ-air in their lobby, but, you know, I only have a credit union and their pipe isn't that great...