Jan 1, 2006

Happy New Year!

SO, in a nod to the complete stranger that called me self righteous on my blog yesterday (post removed in the name of quality, not that remark, incidentally) I spent most of New Years eve telling people what to do.

I mean, I got paid to do it in the form of free food and drink and tips at a local restaurant/bar.

And honestly, it was lovely.

Not just because I like to tell people what to do, but because it was wonderful and fun and refreshing and kind of a relief to just talk to a bunch of strangers about their lives.
People get to excited when you ask them questions and address whats going on, I mean, whats REALLY going on with them.

The lone exception was a strange sad drunk older man who demanded my number.
It quickly moved from something kind of sad and sweet to something sort of frustrating and a little upsetting. As he pushed my boundaries and got more beligerent I found a certain liberty in being clearer and clearer with my "no, you wont get that from me"
His line was "so, all of this is for nothing? results in nothing? No satisfaction"
And all I could say was "if there is only one way for you to look at this interaction, perhaps so"

All of these interactions strike a chord with my resolutions:

-To try to look at situations from many angles, to learn everything has something to offer if you look at it as, now, an experience that is part of you.
-To be better with boundaries, and to understand that they are there for my happiness and for others, not to impede my growth.
-To like myself and other people more.
-To listen more
-To use my instincts. To trust them. The lions share of pain in 2005 was found when I pushed them aside. I can love those experiences as part of myself, but that doesn't mean I have to repeat them.

And you?
Whats new in 2006? What do you want to take with you? What will you happily leave behind?

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aloha oe pez said...

my resolution is to realize how self rightious you are.
and YES we are going to the fucking alibi!