Feb 10, 2006

double down

My friend was thinking he should play more games. Maybe he should play this girl. He should be a playah.
He wanted to know what I thought. What about being all game like that? What would he do to win?

Shit, I had to say, don’t even bother. Unless you like the game as much as you like the girl. Then, you know, pony up, throw your chips down, and enjoy the process as much as the profit.

But if you aren’t so down with love like that, like a game like any other, maybe it’s best to sit back and think about what it is you are trying to accomplish.
Because games can be fun, shit, they are amusing and sometimes annoying. But in my world amusing never compares to amazing, and annoying can get just as much up in you ass as pure pain. And in the end you’d rather wake up holding someone than just a pile of chips.
Best to risk it and treat it like life and not a small anty round of texas hold’em.

What, you have something better to do?
Go play dungeons and dragons, leave the rest of us to this beautiful and graceful dance that can mean so much more than just about anything else. And if you are ready to admit that she spins you half out of your orbit and that the only game you have any right to play is hearts, then sit back and thank your lucky stars. That doesn’t happen nearly as often as we’d like to believe.


Bjetsey said...

we don't let losers into our d&d games either. I think you meant "go play evercrack."

Lola said...

I dunno, in my exceedingly fragile state I found that post beautiful and touching. I hope your friend shoots for the stars and ditches the games, and I hope it works for him.

Mel said...

I really liked this post. Just thought I'd let you know. And you mentioned Dungeons and Dragons! I still play that whenever I can. The actual game, not a metaphor.

hudi said...

how well has not playing games worked for him?

daff0dil said...

depends what you mean by well

how well has playing games worked for anyone, really?