Mar 28, 2006

Are You the Favorite Person of Anybody?

How sure are you of that?

Oh man, last night I got home and watched some short films with my roommate. One of them was a quickie by Miranda July which simply posed this simple question.
And now I can’t get it out of my head. And I don’t know that I can answer it.
Can you?


Bjetsey said...

yeah. As long as he keeps volunteering it, I'll keep eating it up.

daff0dil said...

Maybe that is the thing. I remember, at certain times in my life, believing that with certainty: yes, I am this person’s favorite person. Or one of their favorites. You get it.
It wasn’t always a boyfriend, thing either. Infact, I’ve had those other moments, those eerie moment of knowing I wasn’t when I probably should be or wished I was.
But the favorite person thing. It isn’t just that. More than once it’s just been a frenzy of friendship. And it was gorgeous.
And then I wonder: do we tell people these things enough? You are my favorite person. You are one of my favorite people.
I’m as guilty and the next.
SO maybe this is my assignment: if you care about someone and they are your favorite person or one of your favorite people, and you haven’t told them this week. Write them. Call them. Tell them. Go on. Do it.

Anonymous said...

daffOdil: (this has nothing to do with your last piece although it is good advice). I read your blog sometimes and I just finished a book that I want to recommend to you. It's called Female Chauvenist Pigs (Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture) by Ariel Levy. I think you would like it.