Jun 20, 2006


Whatever you are doing, just stop.

No really, I mean it.
I want this to be your motto from here on out.
You are thinking maybe you should...
..or maybe you'll just keep going...
no really, don't bother.
just once more? no. ...NO. NO.
Stand up and repeat after me: Whatever you are doing, just stop.
I don't have time to sit here and figure out why anyone would do such a thing.
I'm not a doctor. I'm not a teacher. I'm not a shrink. I'm not your mom.
I am not a paramedic, I do not have to stop.
This isn't a discussion point. This isn't a process oriented interaction.
And If you don't already understand that you not only need to stop, but you probably should have never started in the first place, then thats probably just the way it is.
It's just wrong. wrong. wrong. and it can't ever be right. so don't slow down. don't ask questions. Just. stop.

trust me, you'll thank me someday

1 comment:

Bjetsey said...

omg, I'm so relieved. I thought this PhD would never end!