Nov 11, 2006

you can't choose your family but you can choose your friends and when the line starts to blur, well, thats when you take your shoes off and leave them on the mat, so you can feel the ground just a little bit more clearly, so you leave less a trace as you pad around the terrain
you are in a home now, there are rules to be honored, even if it's your home, even if it's the house you built, it's private territory, and nobody on the outside wants to get involved in a domestic dispute except those who do and you don't want to know those people, so you best mind your family and be sur they mind you
and you can't just leave your kids crying in the corner while you pound whiskey by the fireplace. you can't pretend you don't hear that. you can't just pass your wife in the crawlspace and call your buddy for a game of backgammon, you can't just ignore your roomates and their cries of joy and sorrow. I'm sorry, you can't do it because they can't do it. when you make a mess it affects them, now, even if it's your mess. and if they want to help you clean up, well then you'll just have to let them, because baby, they are tired of stepping over that mess every time they want to get close enough to give you a hug
and if you are getting claustrophobic you are welcome to leave, become homeless, vagrant, hopeful to share the smalled crawl space with someone who might just want your watch even though she says she wants your heart
think about it. this is your home. you've been building it for years, and you can build a new attic for a space to call your very own, but sooner or later you'll need to come down. everybody has to eat

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