Feb 28, 2007

all my life these words
they are only words
pieces and snippets and syllables and shit I can barely type thanks to a two bit disability and everyone is apt to say the wrong things sometimes
and so, then, there are these words you latch onto, words, you know, you feel like they mean something

these loaded loaded words and you feel like there should be some sort of dictionary, some sort babelfish for what love means to me and fickle means to you

but I digress

today, well, someone told me to stop using the word interesting. that it don't mean shit if it aint used right.

here is what I think...the better we know words, the more we know how to use them
like a time, space, or...person
we know how use them, we know how to use their intent

you can say ANYTHING and only mean, "excuse me, do you have the time" but the moment you become brave enough to own up to the complexity or language in human relationships and the undeniable propensity to confuse, you must must must take a step back
look at the words you have
own the semantics you place

come on man, it's now or never

don't you have something to say?

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