May 3, 2007

it's an incredible photo

and why do I care.
it's beautiful. all the beauty of the world, in that girls silly eyes as she rocks the air guitar in static and I'm stuck staring at her and somebody created that moment and I can't tear my eyes away and somehow that matters
more than a tasty meal or a nice gesture or other things I've labored over
what a wonderful and moving and important image
why does it matter

and all I can think is: because it's proof that life goes on
testamant in the larger scheme of things
that girl has cancer and she'll sit there and be eradiated and poked and prodded and sweat and bleed and cry and ooze
but right now there she is in an awesome belt with all her friends and she is rocking the air guitar
that is who she is. not the cell. not the suffering body. she is the spirit of the live and living, gathered to head bang for one millisecond for posterity

and everyone's love in that moment lives on in an eternity as she recovers or dies or moves on to live a normal life

and we caught that moment. when everything was so vulnerable and on the cusp and we chose to live like living large was all there is or ever will be

when we loved casually and without limit

and now we all stare

at the glow

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