Jul 19, 2007

He used to spend time on Nazi chatboards. This friend of mine, I mean. It always preplexed me. I mean, he wasn't a nazi, he was, in fact, a very liberal jew who enjoyed going on there and arguing. And I could never understand it.
I mean, I'm all for a spirited debate and I enjoy learning from arguing or even getting the blood pumping with a good challenge. I even like a good razzing from time to time.
But I never could imagine willingly entering a place of hostility, anger, prejudgement and agression for shits and giggles.
I never could understand wanting to be in a place of adversity as a social experience. I always thought it the sign of a certain addiction: a dependence on agression as a result of habit. It's easy to think we like the things we simply find familiar.

I've had this social circle for a while and we like to argue. Some of us, I mean, like to argue. But, some of us like to discuss in a spirited fashion, but some of us simply like to challenge and frustrate and pound down other's throats philosophies, opinions and misplaced agression.

I must have enjoyed this on some level because I stuck around.
Or maybe I just found it familiar.

Your friends are not your job and your social circle is not your duty. You needn't prove anything. You aren't there to make a point. You are there to be happy. To grow maybe, increase your awareness, but there should be comfort, pleasure, the ability to just be you and be happy about that person in the world you willingly choose to make your oasis.

Your friends should be nice to you. I mean really. Does this sound obvious? Because I think sometimes we forget.The world, so filled with challenges and frustrations and competition and antoganism can allow a certain amount of the same to slip into our inner sanctum undetected. And then, well, then we never really relax.
We can mistaken familiarity for comfort.
And also, you know, it's hard to say goodbye, it's easy to miss that which we find most frustrating, most infuriating.

But sometimes you gotta say goodbye if you are gonna learn to really appreciate what makes you a happy, comfortable, and self respecting being. Because, you know, it's hard to respect someone who sits in the middle of a tornado and complains about the weather.

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