Jan 22, 2010

the wagon

my how easy we fall off

I am just going to start off by saying 2010 has already not been an ode to self control.
resolutions gone, moderations are only semi effective, but

well, I seem to be getting enough done.

And it dawns on me that some efforts to exert self control are really only for the sake of.

And that maybe such habits are only formed as an excuse to excise pride when we could be looking in other, better places for self confidence, and quite simply happiness

which is to say, you don't always need to effective to be happy. especially when being effective isn't accomplishing, ultimately that goal

this is something I tell people alot, but have somehow, over the course of becoming effective, forgotten myself

once again, I remain, an object lesson
and once again I forget that when doing something FOR myself, I should make sure it is, quite actually, still atleast a little bit about me.

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