Feb 10, 2010

It was unusually foggy and the mist obscured everything. Trees, river, the city as a whole, giving the bridge I was on such a heavenly effect that I momentarily lost myself.

It was unnerving, and I found myself temporarily displaced. Was this the bridge I crossed every day? Maybe it was lack of scale, lack of context, but everything took on a...massive quality, a gorgeously royal persuasion. And I found myself considering the regal countenance my surroundings might have if I beheld context in a different light.

Sometimes I forget there is still the possibility of progress and ingenuity pursuing an ultimate state of universal prosperity, beauty and design, complexity and simplicity, propreity of scale. Sometimes I forget it more than a grandscale tetris of priorities. Sometimes it's sandcastles and sometimes it's legos. Sometimes I forget there are places where nature and construction exist in harmony.

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