Mar 27, 2011

warning: metaphor follows

so you buy a great pair of shoes. they aren't your style and they are sort of uncomfortable but your legs look incredibly hot in them.

half the lure is that you never wear shoes like that, but for some reason, in your minds eye, these work for you and you have to have them.

so you buy them and bring them home and put them in your closet, and outfit after outfit does not work with these shoes. they look weird, or they make you look fat, or they are just as trashy as you always think that style is but for some reason you missed it when you fell in love with these shoes. and maybe once or twice you sort of match them up and wear them out and the whole time you are only aware of how these shoes are so so not you and they make you look weird or suburban or cheap. or maybe you think they are awesome, and then you catch a glimpse of them in a window and notice that you don't look like yourself.

of course, you are the only one who notices. you wear the shoes out and they are just shoes and everyone else compliments your shirt. or only the girl who is always wearing your least favorite outfit compliments you on them, and then you can only see them on her.

sooner or later they end up in the back of your closet. or on a truck to goodwill. or maybe, sometimes, you take them out and admire how they make your legs look in private, then nod, in disappointment, and put them away again

and then you grab the shoes you wear every day, throw them on, and try to shake the feeling that you've somehow let yourself down.

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