Sep 5, 2011

and so we have a theme: you are what you do.
I apologize if I am becoming a one trick pony, but welcome to part 3,576 of "your actions reflect your priorities".

It's a true story folks.
This time taking a different angle, which is to say, all the things I consider a chore, work, a pain in the ass.
Which is to say nothing belies a lack of enthusiasm like considering a 15 minute drive a pain in the ass, like picking up the phone, like checking a website for updates, like forgetting to check in.
No shit.
Sure, sometimes overwhelmed emotions or a crippling phobia can be blamed for such issues (I mean, if the phone is your nemesis, I will not cast dispersions, but you best get friendly with a texting machine of some sort, or buy yourself a billboard, a smoky fire, a pigeon).

That being said, allowing for the fact that humans HAVE SHIT TO DO (and the less resources you have the longer it is apt to take you do them) I will still default to:

You do, on the whole, what you want, and you bitch and whine a lot less about the effort it takes when you enjoy the end result, when you consider the process part of the reward.

I think of it this way: I asked a coworker what her plans were for the weekend and she told me she was excited to do a laundry list of chores that would have sent me screaming for the hills. Seriously, the cleaning and the straightening and the organizing. Holy shit, hand me a margarita, but with no irony she stated her profound enthusiasm for these tasks planned. Another person very clearly stated she had no other plans then to sit for hour on end in the park and read. She hoped. Not a trace of boredom or annoyance of restlessness. She was going to toil to find a good book, the right blanket, and a bevvy of sunscreen. Then she was going to place her ass down and not move. End of story.

Some of you are bored. Some of you are stressed. Some of you know that you hate it when you get in the car to drive 10 minutes to see a friend while others are bouncing in their seats to be so damn close and have their buddies only moments away.

Nothing is a better tip off than a groan or a sigh of frustration that maybe what you are about to do is not really your moon and stars, if you get my drift.

Sure, sometimes we all gotta spend some time doing shit we don't want to do to move it along. But when your first thought is the work it entails, well then maybe the reward isn't so heavenly.

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