Aug 8, 2012

we spin our wheels

so frequently you'd think we were training for an olympics of inertia in which we find new ways to do productive things without the productivity

really, I am astounded by it. we create a machine that creates, then we try to master a machine while doing the same thing we did BEFORE we created the machine. we get fat, we buy another machine to help us with that and so on and so forth

we create work for ourselves. maybe it is our nature. it was too easy to just organize a stack of books and track them so we uploaded them to a computer and then we organized THAT virtual stack

this is, in no way shape or form meant to insult anyone's job, life, or philosophy. it is in no way meant to insinuate that all of life should concentrate on essential tasks

but how much time do we spend in the intellectual plane justifying our work when we can't get even the most basic shit done and done well?
why aren't we renovating more and building less? why aren't we healing and growing instead of generating the great work around....

how important really are you? how often do you convince yourself of your absolute essentialness?

I strive the man on the boat, slowly bringing people who need to cross the river to their destination, hearing the birds and the water and the trees and understanding they are all far far more important than my boat, than my oar

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