Oct 15, 2012

brief thought for the day

A very smart friend once made a very smart observation:
"I try to limit my time around people who I don't like myself around"

People who work your insecurities, insult you, devalue you are not good for you.

Well, duh.

But upon further discssion I realized there is more to this sentiment.

There are some people I just don't like myself, very much, around, and it is not always because they are terrible, mean, or insulting people. Sometimes it is because I, very simply, become the terrible or mean or insulting person when in that person's presence.

Or I just become insensitive, or defensive or maybe I just get very very boring.

Relationships depend on chemistry and while some chemistry is good, and some chemistry is very very good, some is just worth avoiding, whether it causes static or an explosion.

And I've learned that those who push my buttons, whether intentionally or not, are generally worth avoiding, even if the dynamic is worth exploring from afar.

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