Jan 21, 2013

the myth of the woman precedes her

emotional, empathetic, maternal, illogical, crazy

and much like gas lighting, it not only influences opinion, colors her every reaction, but it influences a whole new set of reactions, creating a feedback loop that spawns generations and cultures of crazy bitches and emotional princesses who need your help and guidance

and just as pretty needs ugly to make itself relevant, crazy needs sane to follow any logic at all

this is often to me the biggest sin of all. for as sad, frustrating, annoying and often defeating it to, as a woman, have many of your reactions devalued into a large swimming category of "nuts, hormonal and emotional", it strikes me as even more patently overwhelming to be part of a group whose beliefs are adorned with rationality where there is none

which is to say, anyone who has ever lived with a man knows he is crazy too. or at least emotional, hormonal, and occasionally existing outside the bounds of extreme logic

which is to really say, crazy is it's own animal, and it is probably best to reserve definitions of insanity for those truly living outside the bounds of reason, logic and any emotional stability and consider something else

the profound imbalance that exists in policy, business and family, not the mention gender relations, when one whole gender is saddled with always proving their own logic as rational and another presents with the presumption and responsibility of sanity and stability.

the continuum of shame implied in this is truly mindboggling


Snowcap said...

Sometimes I wish you participated in the same forums I do, because you definitely have the ability to post thought-provoking articles that would garner reaction.

daff0dil said...

well, snowcap, you are, at the very least, welcome to share my posts

as for forums, I think of them as a certain other kind of animal. a conversation, and I shouldn't start a conversation if I don't expect and desire to entertain all sort of discourse.

blogs, on the other hand, are like speeches. I am fine with some reaction, but I am not, necessarily, asking a question.