Jun 11, 2016

constant craving

I have wasted time nurturing desires that will not satisfy

like a musician who was taught fame, and not skill would make him happy, who spends time chasing bits and pieces of attention, making album covers instead of albums tossing rocks into a pond that would happier filled with rain and with a stream from the lake nearby

but it is hard to not want what others desire not to give you, and even harder when we are encouraged to chase dreams that were never best ours to begin with

and yet encouraged we are...dreams, mountains, skills, love...we are told we need things that we do not, we are raised to want what is not right for us because it comforts another to see us chase.
I don't think it's malice that creates this unkind cycle, but merely insecurity, as there is comfort in watching other want what we too want, no one wants to be lonely, even in their desires

all I know is that chasing anything you are not apt to get, or perhaps will not satisfy if  delivered, be it fame or skill or, more often money or love just creates a craving that will constantly build more hunger. it digs holes in our soul we can never fill. it is the thirst that feels like hunger, the unrequited love we can't quite quit, even when we know that is all there is

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