Jan 6, 2005

360 degrees

Journals are great. More people should keep some sort of record. They give context to your emotions and allow you to learn from your past. To note patterns and remember motivations.
I have been blessed with a good memory and I still find them useful.
And without such tools for introspection and self-reflection I wonder if many of us would be doomed to the most narrow of tunnel visions, only able to gaze forward at the future, only able feel only feel the present as the walls press in around us.


Anonymous said...

I try to use one of these things (livejournal) as it's about the only way I can get myself to keep a journal. The most important reader of it is me. Unfortunately, my words have upset a certain other person, so I've basically backed off expressing my thoughts on there.

daff0dil said...

hmm, thats sad that you've upset another person, but even sadder that you no longer have this mode of catharsis

do I know you?

Anonymous said...

this is aj, umm i mainly find my blog too painfully embarassing to read, but i feel like it will make good material for my novel/screenplay/heartbreaking work of staggering genius killer powerpoint presentation multi media event that one day i will make after i am a multi millionaire and can devote all my time to it and it wont be released after my death like smiley smile or some shit.

i hope livejournal archives posts that long. do you have to pay for this blogspot thing? i could crosspost. never hurts to have backeup. and then i could make chris hiller write me a utility to automatically update every blog site and i'd have accounts on every single one i could find. once i start making some money you know. i'm getting a check for $15,000 tonight, allegedly, thatll be cool. so yeah keep spreading the love hottie!

daff0dil said...

free free free on blogger

and oh, AJ, for a high roller like yerself you know i'm gonna keep spreadin the love

and well, that might have come out wrong