Jan 7, 2005

a drunken poet, once again

the cacophony of my mind is deafening
sirens in the night of impending ego drowning out the songs in my heart
and even in their relent...
that dim echo
like a small drop of water
lodged in your ear
metering the din of the outside world from silence to crisp clarity
I've tried to drown them out with the screams of my conscience, smother them
in warm wet innebriance

dionnysian worship and battle cries aside I wonder what their match might be
patience waits as a resilient foe inside her lover, peace


Angry Hickeys said...

I knew you had it in-ya.

daff0dil said...

misguided acts during innebriation?

yep, i've been saving it up

Angry Hickeys said...

I like it regardless of the state you were in when you wrote it.

Is it too much to ask for more?

daff0dil said...

I'm sorting writing what comes into me and at me
can't promise anything