Jan 7, 2005

a disturbing new trend

so it goes like this: I get home from a night of drinking
even if that only means two drinks and it's 2am, something about being innebriated and alone immediately makes me want a long hot shower

and then, somehow, in the shower it happens


all my normally prose laden thoughts become horrendous angst wrought poems
and in my altered state I decide I'm brilliant
just brilliant!

so I get out of the shower, and somewhere between moisturizing and putting on my pajamas I toss out a poem

a public drunken poem
I am the naked drunken poet

behold my shame


Senator Hambrisket said...

I think that was some top notch poetry right there

daff0dil said...

thanks mr ham!

Anonymous said...

naked drunken poetry. so hot. you know who this is :) not that you would go out with me even if i didnt have a girlfriend already but. i can still dream.

daff0dil said...

eh! flattery!
(keep it comin' darlin)