Jan 10, 2005

Oh, are they?

OK, so it’s a completely unoriginal indie-alt-hipster-talkinn-bout-my-generation predictable gush at best, but I just have to express my love for Rushmore, publicly, loudly and with unqualified enthusiasm. I went to see Rushmore last night for what has to be the who-knows-how-manynth time, and was still wriggling in my seat laughing and moved by the “one dead finger nail” line.
I mean, maybe it’s just the brilliant timing and fantastic writing of the movie, or the kickass soundtrack, but I think it’s also all the imagery, all the characters simultaneously presented in such flattering and humiliating light. Its one of the few movies where I’ve seen people revealed in the wholly ridiculous, frustrating and yet admirable ways that I often witness as I walk through life. And the desire to cheer, loudly, for each character, even as they wage war on eachother in completely inappropriate and immature ways gets me every time.

But I think it’s mostly also how happy I feel to have someone squirming with laughter next to me, especially a whole theater full of someones, that makes me think that I’ll continue to go see the movie in the theaters, whenever the opportunity arises.


Anonymous said...

Until I saw that movie, I remember hearing so many people using the line "oh, are they" and then laughing. It was hard for me to understand what could be so funny about those three words. Naturally, I get it now.

Unfortunately, the movie that followed was rather sloppy by comparison. I've always wondered if there was just less focus put into it.

daff0dil said...

I actually really really like the royal tenenbaums as well

it's just different and less joyful

I would say the life aquatic lacks focus, however
I wonder if it's the absence of owen wilson writing

Bjetsey said...

yes, we continue to say "oh, are they" allllll the time. I don't think I've seen Rushmore in a few years. It may be time for a review.

daff0dil said...

I recommend it, particularly in a group...
there is somethng heartening about that movie that always makes me feel pleased, even when in the worst of moods