Feb 1, 2005


It's all about eye contact.

Ever been in a moment with someone, someone maybe you've known a moment, or even a year, but someone you had atleast already begun to form an impression of and then a moment of static eyecontact, a new expression or look, changed everything?
It's the craziest, thing, these eyes we have. I have looked in the face of friends, lovers, strangers and had transporting moments of understanding, incredible empathy, and even unforseeable dissapointment. I once looked into the eyes of a man I had come to love and couldn't find a piece of myself in the depths of his hopes or plans. But, I once looked into the normally distant eyes of a friend and saw all the affection and adoration I could hope to find in even the truest love.

It's not abouth the depths of intent, about the dependable caring of friendship. You won't look into someone's eyes and see a grocery list of their past deeds and future potential. And peoples feelings are so variable and transient, so vulnerable to external and internal forces, that it makes me reluctant, fearful, at times to look into another's eyes and take the forecast in so clearly, when it might only be a freak storm,or a fluke heatwave inspired by forces outside your immediate domain.

And what you find in someones eyes, sometimes, can render a moment sad or distant, sexy or exciting, cold or unsettling.

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