Feb 25, 2005

personal stats

The quality of this work week can best be described quantitatively

Number of movies/DVDs/films watched: 7
Number of miles run: 12
Number of allergy pills taken: 10
(Number of sneezes..sneezed: >200)
Number of memorable and disturbing dreams:9

and thats just the beginning

comment at will


Anonymous said...

good job with the running

are the allergies particularly bad these days?

oh oh oh! I wanna play.

Number of movies watched: 2
Number of movies watched which I hadn't already seen numerous times: 0
Number of unopened Netflix movies sitting on my desk: 2
Number of consecutive days with intense neck pain: 8
Number of masturbations: >30

Bjetsey said...

huh. last week?

Number of movies watched: 0
Number of miles driven:454
Number of pine needle samples collected: 42
Number of days "in the office": 2