Feb 28, 2005

typical gripe

Every year I watch the Oscars.
Unsure why, but somehow, one way or another, I end up sitting infront of a screen watching the chronically over dressed and over adored accept awards for their feats in the film industry.

and, every year I wonder, why did I not just watch a film instead?

understand: I am a big big movie fan. I watch a lot of movies. I'm an escapist, and one of my favorite forms of escapism is watching a drama unfold or a story be revealed on the screen

that being said the Oscars have very little to do with this enjoyment
they seem, almost, diametrically opposed to what they are supposed to celebrate: quality entertainment
somehow they are always the most garish, worstly edited, horribly executed hours of entertainment on TV.

Except for hair and makeup: indeed the effort put into making Nicole Kidman look like a queen for a night seems to be equivalent to the amount of time making a man look like an elf.

Maybe, some day, someone will make a movie that is about Oscar Night. It will simply replicate a night at the Oscars. But it will be good. And Moving.
And Shorter.
And I will watch it on Oscar night, every year, in order to celebrate my love of film.

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