May 3, 2005

sign post up ahead

sometimes you turn a corner
I mean, you've seen the corner the whole time, just sort of up there, you are pedaling, out of breath, shifting gears back and forth, wondering if there is a better route, a less hilly, possibly less scenic, but infinitely less rigorous way to get there
and you are looking down each street
one way
potholes and roadwork
you wonder if you should have taken that last street, past the traffic and congestion it looked clear
and then you are at that corner and without even signaling you take it,instinctually
and you can see the next rolling path, level, simple, sun through the trees

and somehow it's not a relief quite yet
your mind still back on that turn, wondering how you missed the infinite experience of wanting that end and dreading that path

it's an ending like any other
and you aren't even home yet


heydt said...

The literalist part of me thinks of you with a rally car co-driver muttering in a deadpan british accent, "...hard right... rock... rock... hard left don't cut... dip... soft left... right..."

Bjetsey said...

yes, and the literalist part of me a)loves the idea of Lori as a rally car driver - on oh so many levels; and b)am happy to think of lori movin' at her own speed, own direction, under own volition. I guess that could be abstracted too.. but I love my bike, and all that damn signage.

chris pez said...

oh, how i wish i was a literalist.

but i'm a socialist.

Anonymous said...

the minimalist part of me thinks nothing of it

daff0dil said...

geez, thanks