May 7, 2005

dream into action

so much of life is in our perception
I mean, sure, sometimes you really are starving or poor or screwed
in fact, a good portion of the world has varying, somewhat insurmountable barriers
but in the day to day trevails of most I witness, what is can be simply descided by what is defined
happiness, sadness, hopeless, over, liberty

you look at a person, place or thing and you covet and condemn, you exclude or own
your life becomes yours by your discrete or explicit choices
your values discern your needs, your hopes your varying successes

one person's trash is another's treasure
one's person success another's failure
one person's ending another's beginning

and the kaleidoscope turns in on itself sometimes, and suddenly you are holding a pile of ostrich feathers, thinking you hit the jackpot
and you've come undone and it might just set you free

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