Aug 13, 2005

blogging from honduras

now how silly is that?

ok, so I am just going to give a travel update...I've been writing tons, and writing well, it feels intuitive again, as if the right words just push themselves out of me
but I'll need to spend some time typing that in, as it's all in my journal right now...had forgotten what a pain in the ass writing by hand is...

at any rate, the update, yes...

maya and I, after a full twelve hours of travelling, arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and immeidately jumped a 3 hour bus to La Ceiba.
There, after trying to find a place to buy a calling card, figuring out how to use that calling card, discovering that, indeed, Honduran Spanish DOES sound totally different from the Spanish *I* speak in the process, we got ahold of Justin in MIke, who were in the gorcery store across the way, it turned out.

SO we waited for them infront of the gigiantic Pizza Hut (oh, thats right) and were driven to Mike's awesome home.
Moments later we were on a Tree House type platform drinking beers and eating plantains and fried fish and rice and beans. Honduran beer is awesome. Sadly Mike can't drink any as he appears to have Malaria. The local doctor has Dengue Fever. I have several bites...we'll see how this all goes, eh?
At any rate, we passed out early after traveling FOREVER with no sleep, awoke early the next morning, and caught a Ferry to Utila, which is a small fishing and diving Island off the coast of La Ceiba. Great Ferry ride, followed by a tasty local lunch of eggs, tortillas and beans.
Then we grabbed a ride on a tiny boat with driven by a fisheman with no teeth and some excellent pigeon english. He fell asleep while driving the boat, but we got there safely, and spent the next few days on these tiny Islands off of Utila: "Cays"
These were connected bay bridge and inhabited by both Hondurans and lily white people who spoke Pigeon English.
Lots of snorkling, diving, and beer drinking on the beers was done. As was sweating and scratching.
Now I'm in an internet cafe in Utila again, and waiting for the ferry back to La Ceiba...
We'll see

There you go...alive, well, tan and sweaty in Honduras...
Hi Ho


heydt said...

Meanwhile, here I am, hot and sweaty in Portland.

Bjetsey said...

yay - sounds fun! at the current moment I am not hot nor sweaty, but sheathed in a blanket of fog in Berkeley.

Anonymous said...

I'm hot sweaty because I just got done thinking about you.