Aug 28, 2005

IS that a rocket in your pocket?

Ever had a physiological reaction come out of nowhere?
Or so it seems.
Shit, All these feelings can be confusing.
I mean lust...but with all the contextual sense and logic of nostalgia or dejavu.
Yes. I was sitting in a motorcycle dealership today, minding my own business, when suddenly, there I was, completely turned on. No shit. Hot to trot. Absolutely no idea why.
The lewdist thoughts were swarming in my head as I watched these people innocently
take their choppers, their sport bikes, their ATVS for test rides.
I've had similar reactions in a strip club, but that, ofcourse, makes only a bit more sense. I mean I'm not really turned on by girls, so it seems weird to me, that thrill I get, that sensual buzz. But still, sex is all around, there is the suggestion of it everywhere, so, well, you can extrapolate.

But motorcycles?

I'm not turned on by motorcycles.

NO, vibration aside, I'm just not that way with bikes.

SO I was sitting there confused. Well, confused and horny, when it dawned on me:

So obvious.
The men. All these men. These totally excited men, testosterone pumping, eyeing machines like candy. It was palpable. Chemical.
And sure, nothing to do with me. Or sex, really. But still, all these men with a hard on for the potential.
And if you are at all tuned in, well that can be pretty hot.


Anonymous said...

I think bikes are pretty cool, but sex is much more important, so if I'd been one of those guys, I'd have had a hard-on because of you and not the bikes.

Hudi said...

the anonymous posts are by me, Hudi Brenman; the only reason they are listed as "anonymous" is because I don't wish to register for an account with this site

now that I've taken a moment to learn that one need not have an account to formally include a name with the post, I'll choose that option

daff0dil said...

darn, and here I thought I had a secret admirer

hudi said...

if you walked into an accordion shop, and a bunch of guys like me were in there, getting excited about the "machines," would you get turned on?

daff0dil said...

the thing is, you KNOW I would

I am a fetishist of nothing

but the adoration of specific design, style, mechanism, skill or talent...well let's just say it's all about geekin out
I'm a geek for geeks
in all their forms
hotrod or sega, accordians or insects