Sep 1, 2005

Whats my damage?

Sometimes you feel like you need someone to tell you what you are doing wrong

I mean really...really
what my problem?

I mean, friends are so supportive, which is awesome and everything.
"No, really, you look lovely"
"you aren't crazy at all,
"ofcourse, I think you are divine"
Excellent. really, keep it coming. We all need a little affirmation. or Reaffirmation.

But sometimes I also need some help growing.
Help me grow people.

It's hard...hard to get useful critical feedback.
And sadly, Random feedback from jerks on the street and weird old ladies who think they know whats best for me just doesn't cut it...
"nice driving!"
"put a smile on"
"you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar"
"Put your clothes on, you can't come in here like that"

buttinskis...I mean, who do those people think they fucking are?

But I digress.
There is this scene in "Lovely and Amazing" where the actress is trying desperately to get accurate feedback-true criticism about why she isn't getting roles. She wants a list, a barage of explicit feedback on her performance. Excitedly (and in bed, wonderfully) after she finds another actor who understands how such polite affiramtions have failed, she stands infront of the firing line naked and he rollcalls all of her faults and strengths.
It's a great scene.

And sometimes I envy that moment. I just want an more accurate mirror. A few moments of useful suggestions and an honest tear apart. If not a tear down.
Only, no naked. I can handle that kind of bone crushing ego bashing on my own, thank you very much.


rich bachelor said...

After a week of being deeply disappointed by my friends and their behavior patterns, I'm in a ve-ry honest mood right now, if'n you feel like giving me a call.

Bjetsey said...

that's an interesting idea. What part of your life (or you) craves constructive criticism?

daff0dil said...

oh, I think it's better to ask where I DONT

Bjetsey said...

! well, I would oblige, but I think I am too far out of the loop.

Bjetsey said...

not to mention that it seems like something that should be in-person.

daff0dil said...

probably true