Mar 22, 2006

Who are you people? (or…hey baby, come here often?)

Hey, I agreed to be part of a study in order to get some free tracking software. It seems I get a whole buncha hits a day, more than the people I know, and certainly more than the people I know read this. So, if you aren’t too uncomfortable doing so, next time you log on, could you just tell me who you are and how you found this place?
You don’t have to tell me your name, just where you came from and how you ended up here, and how often you end up here?


Anonymous said...

You messaged me on OKCupid, and you had a link to this in your profile.


fb said...

I was trying to summon up the guts to message you on ok cupid and came here to find out more about you. (I liked what I found out, now have I got the guts...)

daff0dil said...

yet, no message

fb said...

That's because I've lost you on OK! I'll keep looking and will definitely message you when I find you again (i'm sure that there's a way to search for people on there, but I've not got the hang of it...)