Apr 14, 2006

“September Gurls”, Big Star. Every time I hear it I sway and I feel like I’m in love again. I can’t explain it. I wish I could. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I was sure I would grow up to be that fairy princess with her prince in tow and everything would bloom and there I’d be, planted in my beautiful garden, swaying with the warm breeze, securely in a place of warmth and acceptance.
Oh, Oh, how can be so cheesy? So nostalgic in my bitter old age? How can I hold this torch for an unseen and unknown fate when I know how it all turns out: so complicated and confusing and frustrating.
Maybe that’s the point. It really isn’t that complicated. It really doesn’t matter: the set backs and complications. I really know how it’s supposed to feel and part of me can call forth that feeling without any one or thing to receive such a swell of emotion.
Part of this simple and straightforward romance and hope is right there, brewing, no, blooming under the surface, sure of it’s impending spring.

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