May 28, 2006

I saw it again
one of those visions of utterly common uncommon beauty. maybe it was all the wine. or cheese. oh that cheese. or just spinning through those hills, but there it was all around me and I was swimming in it and bathing in it and taking it all in, the greens, the blues, the barn on the made me want to float and thrash and fuck with a joyful frenzy and hold the beauty and make out in the rain.
yeah. a good sunset can do that to me.
in all that I know I love you.
it kills me, that in my happiest I love you all the more.
the floodgates open up and all the world rushes in to hold me and I feel what it's like to...feel. And I love you and it and everything.
It's all okay. There is enough in the world to make it alright.
Thats when it matters less that you don't love me. Not like you should.
I guess I figure there is just so much love in the world.
maybe it all comes out in the wash.

and you know what they say
the love you make...

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