Aug 9, 2006

and you escape into a place where nothing moves

no mail came, no calls were returned. I swear, I submitted a zillion resumes and not one of them gathered a response. i called my best friend and my boyfriend and sat by the phone for hours...

do you know this space, when suddenly. every. stops.
like that tree in the empty woods you are falling falling falling to hear the sound of your own voice

I used to knock my head up against a wall during this time. question the silence. wonder where I was supposed to push on that damn ball to really get it moving, fight the inertia,or lacktherof

some times are not times of movement
sometimes you lost in that quiet woods because you haven't yet found your path, even though you keep flashing your torch at every open space
sometimes the lesson is still be be learned, even if it's just one of patience

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